Chiat/Day building

Frank Gehry's unconventional vision

Frank Gehry's refusal to be confined by convention results in groundbreaking works of architecture such as the ChiatDay building in Venice, California. Designed for the iconoclast advertising agency, ChiatDay, the 75,000 square foot building with an entrance façade of giant binoculars is one of Gehry’s most memorable buildings.

This one of a kind coffee table was custom designed for a sitting area in the ChiatDay offices. Consisting of long cardboard forms wound into loops, the ChiatDay coffee table represents an extension of the Experimental Edges cardboard furnishings Gehry developed from 1979 - 1982. Despite its lightweight material, the table assumes an arresting visual density. The natural tone and texture of the cardboard material are the primary visual elements which make this unique coffee table visually arresting.

What is architecture? It's a three-dimensional object, right? So why can’t it be anything?

—Frank Gehry