Robert Mallet-Stevens

Robert Mallet-Stevens was an anomaly of the modernist era of design—while most were moving toward a sober, subtractive approach, Mallet-Stevens was designing buildings and interiors with a decorative, mannerist flair, blending various styles to create unique spaces for a wealthy, avant-garde clientele.

Mallet-Stevens was born to a privileged family in 1886 in Paris and his father was an art collector, placing him in the milieu of French high society. He entered the École Spéciale d'Architecture in 1905, a progressive institution focused on modern rationalism. After completing his studies, he built a network of avant-garde artists and actively exhibited his drawings and models in Paris and abroad. Mallet-Stevens served in the air force from 1914 to 1917 and upon his return to Paris, he worked on various commissions for small private homes and the interiors of gas stations, ocean liners and showrooms.

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