Krueck & Sexton

From Untitled No. 2, a Chicago Interior

Ronald Krueck and Mark Sexton have practiced architecture in the city of Chicago for over thirty years. Their firm, Krueck & Sexton Architects, reexamines the modern canon and opens it to what architectural historian, Franz Schulze, calls "a variety of avenues hitherto unimagined."

Untitled No. 2, Chicago. Photo courtesy of Krueck & Sexton.

Like the Chicago Chairs, the RK Chaise was created for Untitled No. 2, a private residence in Chicago completed in 1988. The chaise’s individual stainless-steel plates form an exoskeleton-like frame, leaving its bolting exposed. Its folding metal legs and sinuous, undulating form lend it an aesthetic at once industrial and organic.

Mark Sexton and Ronald Krueck. Photo courtesy of Krueck & Sexton.

The spine, a series of vertebrae with extended ribs, is the inspiration for this chaise, which is structured by a continuous line of cut and bent stainless-steel plates. The cushions are individual modules of upholstery connected at each rib.

—Krueck & Sexton: Work in Progress