Popular Seating

At the Turn of the Century

The armchair, model 728F, is from a series designed by Gustav Siegel for Jacob & Josef Kohn in 1905; the suite of furniture is listed in the company’s 1906 catalog. In 1907 Josef Hoffmann used forms from the series, painted in black and white, for the interior of the Fledermaus Cabaret, Vienna and as a result the forms have often been attributed to Hoffmann. While not his design, Hoffmann’s use of these forms in this famous art nouveau interior very likely contributed to the popularity of these designs. The 728 series was so admired that Jacob & Josef Kohn’s chief competitor, Thonet, introduced similar designs just a few years later.

Interior of the Fledermaus Café (1907) designed by Josef Hoffmann. Josef Hoffmann: Architect and Designer 1870-1956, Meyer, pg. 32

Program from a J & J Kohn exhibition in Buenos Aires, 1909. Josef Hoffmann: Architect and Designer 1870-1956, Meyer, pg. 33

Page from J & J Kohn's 1906 catalog. Casa Thonet: Storia dei Mobili in Legno Curvato, Massobrio and Portoghesi, pg. 122

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Marcel Kammerer
cafe table
estimate: $1,000-1,500