Marion Dorn

American Marion Dorn (1896-1964) designed interiors, wallpapers, graphics and textiles. In 1923 Dorn moved to Britain where her designs first attracted attention ultimately establishing her as one of the most important textile designers of the first half of the 20th century. Her works were showcased in a number of important exhibitions including the Paris Exposition of 1937. Dorn started her own design studio, Marion Dorn, Ltd. in 1934 and her clients included luxury hotels, ocean liners and notable interior decorators such as Syrie Maugham. Dorn returned to the United States in 1940 where she continued to design. Throughout her career she worked with various manufacturers including Wilton Royal Carpet Co. and Edinburgh Weavers in Britain and F. Schmacher & Co, Katzenbach & Wareen and Greef Fabrics in the US.