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Sol LeWitt Books

  1. Variations on I am Still Alive on Kawara, Sol LeWitt, 1970/1988. A book edited by Exempla & Exit & Zona Archives. First Edition 350 Copies/Firenze & Lugo 1988.
  2. Cock Fight Dance, Sol LeWitt 1980 Rizzoli & Multiples. Published by Rizzoli International Publications, Inc. And Multiples, Inc.
  3. All Four Part Combinations of Six Geometric Figures, Sol LeWitt 1980. Galerie Watari, Tokyo March 1, 1980.
  4. Schematic Drawing for Maybridge 2, 1964 Sol LeWitt 7/69. Multiples, inc., N.Y. 1970
  5. Cube Sol LeWitt 1990. Published by the John Weber Gallery, New York City, Edizioni Mario Pieroni, Roma, Verlag Der Buchhandlung Walther Konig, Koln. Printed in Germany.
  6. Four Colors and All Their Combinations, Sol LeWitt 1994. Copyright Sol LeWitt, 1994. Edite par Paul Bianchini Galerie Toner dans la serie des livres d’artistes Voyages Exotiques. Les 100 Premiers exemplaires sont signes.
  7. Arc/Musee D’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris 20 Fevrier 20 Avril 1987, Sol LeWitt. Walldrawings realizes par David Higginbotham, Anthony Sansotta, Marien Schouten, Jo Watanabe, Jean-Jacques Bauweraerts, Bertrand du Chambon, Christophe Cuzin, Pierre Filippi, Claude Picard, Bruno Rousselot. Copyright Sol LeWitt/ Paris Musees 1987.
  8. The Sol LeWitt Wall Project: A Chicago Gift, Lines in Four Directions. 1985. Printing: Merril Chicago.
  9. The Location of Eight Points, Sol LeWitt. Copyright Sol LeWitt 1974, reprinted 1977. Max Protetch Gallery New York City.
  10. Isometric Drawings, Sol LeWitt 1982. Published by Paula Cooper Gallery, New York and John Weber Gallery, New York.
  11. Incomplete Open Cubes, Sol LeWitt. John Weber Gallery, New York 1974.
  12. Color Grids, Sol LeWitt 1977. Multiples, Inc., New York and Generations, Colombes, France.
  13. Five Cubes on Twenty-Five Squares, Sol LeWitt Bonomo, Bari. Printed in Italy, Bari – by Edizioni Dedalo, January 1978.
  14. Arcs ciricles & grids, Sol LeWitt 1972. Published by Kunsthalle Bern & Paul Bianchini 1972.
  15. Brick Wall, Sol LeWitt 1977. Tanglewood Press, Inc.
  16. Sunrise & Sunset at Praiano, Sol LeWitt 1980. Published by Rizzoli International Publications, Inc. And Multiples, Inc.
  17. Sol LeWitt Books 1966-1990, Sol LeWitt 1990. Portikus Frankfurt am Main. Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther Konig, Koln. Herstellerin Christina Catarinangeli Gesamtherstellung P.R. Wilk, Friedrichsdorf. Printed in Germany.
  18. Photogrids, Sol LeWitt 1977. Paul David Press, Rizzoli New York 1978.
  19. Autobiography Sol LeWitt 1980, Sol LeWitt, Multiples & Torf. Published by Multiples, New York and Lois and Michael K. Torf, Boston.
  20. Bands of Color, Sol LeWitt, MCA Chicago, 1993-94/1999. Produced by the Publications Department of The Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago.
  21. Four Basic Kinds of Lines & Colors, Sol LeWitt 1969 & 1971. Published by: Lisson Gallery, London. Studion International, London. Paul David Press, New York. Copyright: Sol LeWitt 1969 & 1971.
  22. Pick up the Book, Turn the Page and Enter the System: Books by Sol LeWitt, Sol LeWitt 1988. Printer: Twin City Litho.
  23. Lines in Two Directions and in Five Colors on Five Colors with All their Combinations, Sol LeWitt, 1981. Walker Art Center. Copyright 1988
  24. Sol LeWitt Drawings 1958-1992, Copyright 1992 Sol LeWitt, Haags Gemeentemuseum, and authors. Published on the occasion of the exhibition Sol LeWitt Drawings 1958-1992.
  25. Sol LeWitt Flat and Glossy Black, Sol LeWitt and Imschoot, uitgevers, 1998. Printed in an edition of 1000, with thirty copies signed and numbered by the artist. Printed by Imschoot. Gent, Belgium.
  26. Sol LeWitt Ann Hindry. Copyright Centre National des Arts Plastiques, 1995. Editions du Regard.
  27. Critical Texts, Sol LeWitt. Giugno 1995.
  28. From the Collection of Sol LeWitt: A Traveling exhibition organized and circulated by Independent Curators Incorporated, New York. Sol LeWitt 1984 Independent Curators Incorporated.
  29. 100 Cubes, Sol LeWitt Cantz.Gesamtherstellung/Printed by Dr. Cantz’sche Druckerei, Ostfildern
  30. Sol LeWitt The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Sol LeWitt, copyright 1978 The Museum of Modern Art. Second Printing.
  31. Sol LeWitt Structures 1962-1993 Museum of Modern Art Oxford. Sol LeWitt, 1993. Printed in England by Balding and Mansell, Wisbech.
  32. Sol LeWitt: Twenty-Five Years of Wall Drawins, 1968-1993. Addison Gallery of American Art Phillips Academy Andover, Massachusetts. University of Washington Press, Seattle and London.
  33. Sol LeWitt. Wall Drawings. Sala de las Alhajas Madrid Febrero/Marzo 1996.
  34. Sol LeWitt: Forme di riche in bianco e nero. Un wall drawing di Sol LeWitt al Museo di Capodimonte, Electa Napoli. Stampato in Italia, copyright 1988 Incontri Internazionali d’Arte – Napoli.
  35. Sol LeWitt: A Retrospective, SFMOMA. Yale University press. Printer: Dr. Cantz’sche Druckerei, Germany.
  36. The Location of Eight Points, Sol LeWitt. Copyright Sol LeWitt 1974, reprinted 1977. Max Protetch Gallery New York City.

Sol LeWitt 1928–2007

Solomon ‘Sol’ LeWitt had a major impact on the Conceptual Art movement through his distinctive approach to creating artwork intuitively. Born in Connecticut in 1928, LeWitt went on to receive his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Syracuse University in 1949. In 1951, he was drafted for the Korean War where his duties included creating posters for the Special Services Division. Following his release, he moved to New York where he studied at, what is now, the School of Visual Arts while interning as a graphic designer for several magazines including Seventeen. He was employed by the architectural office of I.M Pei in 1955, and in 1960 he worked as a receptionist at the Museum of Modern Art, New York.

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