The Montifiore Collection

Assembled in the early and mid 1990’s, the collection of Stephen Montifiore and Victoria DiNardo is an excellent example of a small, well-curated collection of post-war Murano glass. Acquiring pieces from Mark McDonald (of 50/Fifty and Gansevoort Gallery) and from important sales at major auction houses, the collectors focused on high quality Italian glass with strong forms and vibrant colors. While this collection contains rare pieces by Venini, Barovier, Archimede Seguso and others its real strength lies in the beauty and quality of each piece as well as the aesthetic appeal of the collection as a whole.

Archimede Seguso

During his long life Archimede Seguso worked in many of Murano’s most important glasshouses, but he would ultimately become famous for establishing and operating his own.

At a young age Seguso became an apprentice at the Vetreria Artistica Barovier where his father was a partner. In 1933 he became a founding member and principal master blower of the Barovier Seguso Ferro firm, which would become Seguso Vetri d’Arte in 1937. Here he collaborated extensively with the young designer Flavio Poli and earned a reputation as one of the greatest master blowers on the island.

In 1946 he established his own workshop, Veteria Archimede Seguso, where he served as both designer and master blower, personally executing almost every piece produced there for more than 40 years. During this time he developed many innovative glass designs that employed complex ancient techniques, such as Filigrana and successfully re-imagined them to suit post-war tastes.

Auction Results Archimede Seguso