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Bruno Munari Books

La Rana Romilda, Bruno Munari. Maurizio Corraini. This copy is in Italian. 1997.

Bruno Munari Pagina, Electa. Stampato in Italy, copyright 1986.

Bruno Munari, A Flower with Love, Crowell, 1973.

Bruno Munari Design as Art, by Aldo Tanchis, The MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts. First Edition, 1987.

Munari L’Art Est Un Metier, by Aldo Tanchis. This is the same as above, in Italian.

Bruno Munari Guardiamoci Negli Occhi, 1999 Maurizio Corraini srl – Mantova e Fondazione Ferrero – Alba.

Fotocronache di Munari, Dall’isola dei tartufi al qui pro quo, 1997. In Italian.

Titolo Del Libro, Bruno Munari. 1979.

Bruno Munari, Air Made Visible, Edited by Claude Lichtenstein and Alfredo W. Haberli. November 2000. Printed in Switzerland.

Munari I Libri by Giorgio Maffei.  2002 Edizioni Sylvestre Bonnard sas largo Treves 5-20121 Milano.

Le Macchine Di Munari, Einaudi. Copyright 1942.

La Scoperta del Triangolo, Piu di cento notizie illustrate sul triangolo equilatero, a cura di Bruno Munari. Zanichelli, Copyright 1976.

Bruno Munari Good Design. 1963 Burno Munari, 2003 Bruno Munari.

Bruno Munari, Supplemento al Dizionario Italiano. Copyright Bruno Munari, 1963.

Bruno Munari, Il Mare Come Artigiano. 1995.

Bruno Munari, Emozioni. 1995.

Bruno Munari, Teoremi sull’arte/Art Theorems.  2003.

Bruno Munari, Roses in the Salad. 1974, Maurizio Corriani srl.

Bruno Munari, The Circus in the Mist. The World Street Publishing Company, 1968.

The Museum of Modern Art – Bruno Munari.

Munari, La Scoperta del Triangolo. Zanichelli, 1976.

Munari  Design E Comunicazione Visiva. 1968.

Munari Design as Art.  Pelican books, 1971.

Munari Artista E Designer. 1978.

Munari Good Design. 1963, by Bruno Munari, Milano.

Munari Italian Dictionary. Copyright Bruno Munari, 1958.

Munari Discovery of the Square. 1960 Bruno Munari, Milano. Printed in Italy.

Munari Discovery of the Circle

Munari. Copyright by Bruno Munari 1958. 

Bruno Munari

A prolific artist, writer, inventor, architect, illustrator, and titan of design, Bruno Munari is known as one of the greatest protagonists of 20th century art, design, and graphics. Born in Milan, he spent much of his childhood and teenage years in the quaint and rural town of Badia Polesine; this exposure to both city and country life would later become fundamental in the development of his aesthetic. In 1927 at the age of 20, Munari became involved with the Futurist movement, embarking on an over seven-decade-long career which would leave an indelible imprint on the design world.

The Futurists’ focus on progress and modernity was fertile ground for the young Munari, who desired to develop new modes of visual communication. During his association with the Futurist movement, he worked as a graphic designer and an art director, began designing children’s books, and developed his Macchina aerea (Aerial Machine) and Macchine inutili (Useless Machines) both of which exhibited his unique ability to blur the lines between machines, art, and utility. Following World War II, Munari broke with the Futurists due to their proto-Fascist leanings and in 1948 he founded Movimento Arte Concreta (M.A.C.), the Italian movement for concrete art, with Gillo Dorfles, Gianni Monnet and Atanasio Soldati. Over the next decade, prior to the disbanding of M.A.C. in 1958, Munari explored kinetic art, experimented with polarized light, produced several films, and designed countless objects for Italian design companies such as Danese Milano.

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