The Patriarch of the Family

Electrophonic Anachroscope

This particular Anachroscope purportedly was constructed in 1857. The peculiarities in its construction reveal several stages of developmental evolution. It seems this machine was modified by a series of different inventors over the years. Most notably the device had a poly-phase distribution system added around 1900 in Colorado Springs Colorado. There are several vestigial, and as yet, unexplained constructions mounted in various places around the machine, whose origins vary remarkably in time, certainly beyond the lifetime of a single engineer. One of the procedures listed in the notes found with the machine could only be interpreted as a time-travel function, which may explain the addition of the nixie tube chronometer. It would appear that this particular addition might possibly have increased the accuracy of the time travel function.

Professor Sears’ has, as yet, been unable to access that function with any reliability and thus, the piece is not always available for exhibition.