This rare Incamiciato vase is the direct product of the collaboration between four major personages: Napoleone Martinuzzi, Flavio Poli, Archimede Seguso and Alfredo Barbini.

The basic form of this vase was first designed by Napoleone Martinuzzi during his tenure as artistic director at Venini in the late 1920s. By the mid-1930s, Martinuzzi’s own company, Zecchin-Martinuzzi, had merged with the newly founded Barovier Seguso Ferro where Flavio Poli served as artistic director. During this period Poli tastefully re-interpreted many of Martinuzzi’s designs, and this vase is an exceptionally fine example of his work. Finally, Poli’s design was realized with the aid of two virtuoso master blowers working in concert—Archimede Seguso and Alfredo Barbini, both of whom would go on to own and operate their own successful glassworks.