Design and Photo Archive

Archive is comprised of various renderings, photographs and emphemera including the following:

- Volume two of the Playboy Jazz All-Stars record

- Five 8 x 10 photographs and twenty-six contact sheets featuring Playboy Jazz events including photos of Sammy Davis and Buddy Greco

- One issue of Playboy magazine, February 1971

- Three copies of Playboy’s Style Spokesman for the Spirited Spender, 1962

- Three copies of Playboy’s 1962 calendar of events

- Two copies of Playmate Promotion instructional booklets, 1963

- Forty-two black and white and three color 8 x 10 photographs, two 3.5 x 4.5 photographs and one contact sheet illustrating the Playboy building interior

- Thirteen Playboy shirt mailers from 1963

- Eight copies of Playboy marketing materials for ad sales, February 1963

- Twenty four black and white 11 x 14 photographs and three 8 x 10 photographs of the Playboy building and interior

- Two copies of Playboy VIP Editorial Prospectus
- Four copies of the Back to Campus Mailer, 1963

- Nine copies of Playboy’s Disc Jockey Digest, 1963

- Various Playboy newspaper and magazine clippings

- Two pyramid-shaped advertisement

- Various negatives of Jazz events at Playboy

- Two Playboy newsletter cover printing plates from 1964

- Various small printing plates

- Five buttons with Playboy insignia 

- Various sheets related to the Playboy barber shop and architectural plans