Archive for the Playboy DC-9

The Big Bunny

Playboy's DC-9, also known as the Big Bunny, was Hugh Heffner’s private jet from 1960-1975. Used primarily to transport Heffner back and forth between his homes in Los Angeles and Chicago, the 38-seater party plane was fitted with a round fur-covered bed, discotheque and projector screen. Heffner often lent the plane to friends and celebrities including Elvis and Yul Brynne. When asked if he ever missed the Big Bunny, he replied, “Only when I fly”.

This lot is comprised of various renderings, photographs and ephemera related to the Big Bunny including the following:

- Three miniature chair models

- Sixty-two black and white 8 x 10 in photos, one contact sheet and two Polaroid’s featuring the DC-9 Big Bunny interior

- One sample flight attendant dress with belt

- Six sketches on paper, four contact sheets, twelve transparencies and one fabric sample for the Big Bunny flight attendant uniform

- One box of slides

- One VHS tape

- One binder of slides

- Seven copies of the Chicago Sun Times’ Midwest Magazine from March 22, 1970 featuring the Big Bunny

- Ten photos and five 8 x 10 in renderings of floor plans for the Big Bunny

- Four copes of VIP magazine, Summer of 1970

- One rendering blueprint of the DC-9 Big Bunny

- Five copies of the LA Times' West Magazine from March 22, 1970

- Various magazine and newspaper clippings related to the Big Bunny

- One binder with news clippings

- One vinyl pouch

- One folder with Big Bunny press releases and other information

- Various inter-office letters relating to the design and construction of the Big Bunny

- One DC-9 Big Bunny architectural rendering

- One copy of Playboy magazine, February 1971