Payment and Collecting Your Property

All Architectural Artifacts, Inc. 30 Years lots are at Architectural Artifacts, Inc. and collection from their facility can be made starting April 14, 2017.

Full payment of all items purchased including bid price, buyer's premium and applicable sales tax must be made directly to Wright prior to collection. Full payment of storage fees for items removed more than 30 days after the auction must be paid directly to Architectural Artifacts, Inc. Payment options and fees are outlined below.

Collecting your Property from Architectural Artifacts, Inc.
Please note that all lots that are currently held at Architectural Artifacts, Inc. Lots will be available for collection from Architectural Artifacts Inc. beginning April 14, 2017. Lots will be available for collection from 10:00am–4:30pm Monday through Friday.

Architectural Artifacts, Inc.
4325 Ravenswood Avenue
Chicago, IL 60613
(773) 348–0622

Collection appointments must be booked 24 hours in advance (subject to full payment of all outstanding amounts due to Wright and Architectural Artifacts, Inc.) by contacting Cory at or at (773) 348–0622. If you are sending an agent or third party shipper to collect your items, you must complete a Shipper Authorization form which can be found on Wright’s website The How to Ship page on Wright's website offers shipping advice and information and a list of shippers who may be able to assist you with your shipping needs.

Storage Charges There will be no storage fees assessed if you collect your property by May 13, 2017. As of May 14, storage charges will begin to accrue at a rate of $50.00 per day per lot plus applicable tax. Storage fees are payable directly to Architectural Artifacts, Inc. in advance of the release of your property.

Payment  Full payment of all items including bid price, buyer’s premium, sales tax and surcharges must be made to Wright prior to collection. Wright will communicate the release of your paid items to Architectural Artifacts, Inc. Remittance options can be found at You can pay by cash, check, wire or credit card (incurs 2% surcharge). Your invoice will be emailed to you in the hours after the auction with full remittance details. Storage charges due to Architectural Artifacts, Inc. for items collected after 30 days must be paid in full at the time of collection or in advance for release from Architectural Artifacts, Inc.'s warehouse. Payment at the time of collection may be made by cash, check, or credit card. For information on the amount due prior to collection or to pay in advance by credit card, call Architectural Artifacts, Inc. at (773) 348–0622 Lots will only be released from Architectural Artifacts, Inc's warehouse upon production of a Wright paid invoice obtained from the Client Accounts office at Wright and communication from Wright as to the release of the items. All services provided by Architectural Artifacts, Inc. will be subject to its standard Conditions of Business, copies of which are available upon request.

Please Note Neither Wright nor Architectural Artifacts, Inc. accept liability for damage or loss due to negligence or otherwise, exceeding the stated value of such goods, or at its option the cost of repairing or replacing the damaged or missing goods.

Evaluation of Property

Use this form to submit images and details for items that you would like to consign to auction. Need helpful tips?

  • Please be as descriptive as possible including details about an items condition and history.
  • Where did you get the piece and does it have a special provenance?
  • Do you know any details regarding the edition, vintage, designer, or other particulars?