On July 20th Wright presents The Art of Gil Elvgren at auction. The American artist and illustrator, Gil Elvgren, expertly painted canvases that, like his contemporary Norman Rockwell, told the story of the American dream. It was, however, his pinup paintings that set him apart from his contemporaries. With technical precision and sensual compositions, Elvgren captures the feminine spirit—his pinups the epitome of the all-American girl.

Compiled over 30 years ago by Marvin Oleshansky and the astute collectors Sue and Al Ravitz, this unprecedented collection of paintings is a true survey of masterworks from the height of Elvgren's career. The twelve works in this dedicated sale will be exhibited in our New York gallery beginning June 29th.


Gil Elvgren One for the Money $50,000–70,000

Gil Elvgren Nobody Can Pinch Me! $50,000–70,000

Gil Elvgren This Bicycle's Built for Woo $40,000–60,000

He's built like a football player and a pencil is almost buried in that paw of his, but the touch he has and the subtle variations he is capable of can only be compared to the sensitive skill of a great surgeon.

Bill Mosby

The Art of Gil Elvgren

For more information about
the sale, please contact:

312 563 0020

Auction / Chicago
20 July 2017
12 pm central

Exhibition / New York
29 June – 20 July 2017
10 am – 5 pm Monday – Friday