British artist Richard Hamilton is known for creating artworks that draw from the consumer society around him. His 1967 work Toaster was directly influenced by the product designs of Braun, and more specifically, by Reinhold Weiss’ H 2 Automatic toaster. This print marks the first time that Hamilton combined multiple techniques (lithography and screenprinting) and incorporates text taken from Braun’s advertising brochures. Examples from this print edition can be found in the permanent collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York and the Tate Gallery, London.

My admiration for the work of Dieter Rams is intense and I have for years been uniquely attracted towards his design sensibility; so much so that his consumer products have come to occupy a place in my heart and consciousness that the Mont Sainte-Victoire did in Cézanne's.

Richard Hamilton

Reinhold Weiss b. 1934

Born in Germany in 1934, Reinhold Weiss became an influential designer at Braun. Weiss studied carpentry and architecture, later attending the Ulm School of Design. He joined Braun in 1959, and his first design for, the HL1 Desk Fan was released in 1961 followed by the compact HLD hair dryer in 1964. He left Braun in 1967 and moved to the United States where he continued freelance work. A recognized figure of functionalist industrial design, his designs are included in collections such as the Museum of Modern Art New York, the Indianapolis Museum of Art, and the Israel Museum.

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