Anatomy for Interior Designers

Alvin Lustig was an influential graphic designer, developing a style that used fragmented images, photography, and minimal typography, creating enduring designs that still feel original today. He was inspired by the abstract sensibilities of European artists of the 1940s and brought his eye to the creation of countless paperback book covers for the New Directions book series, as well as created printed material for MoMA, Knopf, various magazines, and even the Girl Scouts of America in 1952. Lustig's method for designing covers was to read the manuscript and then re-frame the narrative in his own graphic terms; this didn’t always translate to a strict 1:1 literal reference, but his approach did produce striking, imaginative covers.  This study, done for the cover of Anatomy for Interior Designers by Julius Panero with illustrations by Nino Repetto (1948), keeps with the humorous and at times sardonic tone of the book.