A Life of Collecting

This collection of 4x5 Polaroids are images taken for the exhibition Sitting on the Edge: Modernist Design from the Collection of Michael and Gabrielle Boyd at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art,  November 20, 1998 to February 23, 1999. 

Cover of the exhibition catalog for Sitting on the Edge

Michael and Gabrielle Boyd's home in San Francisco. Image: Richard Powers

Advice for Aspiring Collectors

from Michael and Gabrielle Boyd

Educate yourself on the subject.

Get it in writing.

Trust your instincts and collect what you love. Let your passion be your guide.

Keep your eyes open all the time. You never know what you're looking for until you see it.

Don't be intimidated by a limited budget. Your dollar goes a lot further when you buy things secondhand.

Talk to artists or gallery owners about payment plans and possible barter deals.

Don't be afraid of a little dirt. With a little elbow grease, a piece can sometimes metamorphose into a museum-quality work.

Take your time. The search is the best part.