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László Moholy-Nagy Verlag Gerd Hatje Stuttgart, Hatje, 1974. 159 pages, Softcover.

László Moholy-Nagy Fruhe Photographien Gerhard Gluher, Nishen, Berlin, 1989. 189 pages, Softcover.

Moholy-Nagy Richard Kostelanetz and Paul Cummings, Praeger, 1970. 238 pages, Softcover.

Moholy-Nagy Arthur S. Congdon, Bruder Hartmann University Art Museum, 1969. 64 pages, Softcover.

László Moholy-Nagy - Painting Photography Film, The MIT Press, 1967. 150 pages, Softcover.

The New Vision Daphne M. Hoffman, Norton, New York, 1938. 207 pages, Hardcover.

Moholy-Nagy Painting Photography Film László Moholy-Nagy, The MIT Press, Massachusetts, 1967. 150 pages, Hardcover with dustjacket.

The documents of Modern Art A New Vision and Abstract of an Artist László Moholy-Nagy, Wittenborn, Schultz, Inc., New York, 1947. 95 pages, Softcover.

Moholy-Nagy Kristina Paassuth, Thames and Hudson, New York, 1987. 448 pages, Softcover.

Albers and Moholy-Nagy From the Bauhaus to the New World Achim Borchardt-Hume, Yale University Press, CT, 2006. 190 pages, Hardcover with dustjacket.

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