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Les Voyages d'Allemagne Carnets, Electa architecture Foundation L.C., 1994. Softcover.

Le Corbusier Willy Boesiger, Praeger, 1972. 254 pages, Hardcover with dustjacket.

Le Corbusier Cassina USA Inc., Cassina, New York. 29 pages, Softcover.

Le Corbusier: The Machine and the Grand Design Norma Evenson, Braziller, New York, 1969. 128 pages, Softcover.

U.N. Headquarters Practical Application of a Philosophy of the Domain of Building, Reinhold Publishing Corporation, New York, 1947. 80 pages, Hardcover with dustjacket.

Le Corbusier Robert Furneaux Jordan, Hill & Co, 1972. 224 pages, Hardcover with dustjacket.

Le Corbusier Kommende Baukunst, Deutshe Verlags Anstalt, Stuttgart, 1926. 256 pages, Hardcover.

Le Corbusier Alberto Izzo and Camillo Gubitosi, Officina Edizioni, Roma, 1978. 380 pages, Softcover.

Le Corbusier Secret Erika Billeter, Musee cantonal des Beaux-Arts, 1987. 187 pages, Softcover.

Le Corbusier, Designer: Furniture 1929 Renato DeFusco, Gruppo Editoriale Electa S.p.A., Milan, 1977. 162 pages.

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