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From Bauhaus to Aspen Gwen F. Chanzit, Gwen Leslie Finkel Chanzit, 2005. 272 pages, Softcover.

Modern Art in Advertising Herbert Bayer, NY, 1945. 25 pages, Hardcover.

Das Druckgrafische werk bis 1971 Herbert Bayer, 1967. Softcover.

Roswell Museum and Art Center Herbert Bayer, 1962. Softcover with dustjacket.

A Total Concept Herbert Bayer, Denver Art Museum, 1973. 71 pages, Hardcover.

Two Visions of Space Herbert Bayer, The Hudson River Museum, 1969. Hardcover.

Herbert Bayer Collection and Archive at the Denver Art Museum Gwen F. Chanzit, Denver Art Museum, 1988. 255 pages, Hardcover.

Bayer Recent Paintings Herbert Bayer, Marlborough Gallery Inc, 1982. 20 pages, Softcover.

Bauhaus-Archiv Das Kunstlerische Werk 1918-1938 Herbert Bayer, Museum fur Gestaltung, Berlin, 1982. 200 pages, Hardcover.

Gebrauchs Graphik Herbert Bayer, Container Corporation, 1952. 66 pages, Hardcover.

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