The Innovation of Molded Plywood

A Rarely-Seen Early Eames Pipeholder

Herman Miller and Evans Products' introduction of the Eames Molded Plywood chairs was slated for the summer of 1947. Leading up to production, with time to spare, Evans Products began designing radio cabinet closures in 1946, both to show off their new developments in the use of plywood and to use up spare materials. From these radio cabinet designs also came limited production runs of small items such as trays, wastebaskets and pipe holders. The curved portion containing the holes of the present lot originates from pieces left over from the production of the radio cabinets, as pictured below. 

An Evans Products radio, c. 1946

The radios from this era are exceedingly rare, as the materials proved to not hold up over time and the items made from castoff production materials are similarly hard to come by. The present lot offers a unique insight into the early explorations of molded plywood and the production of Eames designs, both of which would soon completely transform modern furniture design.