Breaking the Picture Plane

Ron Gorchov is most well-known for his paintings executed on shaped-canvases. Unlike his contemporary Frank Stella, Gorchov’s canvases curve both inward and along the edges, creating concave surfaces that swell outward, breaking the rectilinear plane. First created by hand in his studio using a jigsaw, Gorchov went on to contract the production of his stretchers in larger quantities. The present lot an etching of a plan for a custom stretcher with extensive hand-coloring in watercolor.

In my experience, Robert does more than simply buy a work of art, he also involves himself with the artists and their projects. His collaborative style has been an inspirational force for me.

Ron Gorchov

Robert and Ron

Ron Gorchov with Robert Vogele in front of Entrance 1971, MoMA PS1, New York, 1971