Property from Hillside House

The Home of Harold Price, Jr. and Carolyn Price

Frank Lloyd Wright would design not only the soaring Price Tower, but a number of homes for the Price family, including the home of Harold Charles Price, Jr., and his wife Carolyn, also in Bartlesville. Constructed at the same time as the Price Tower, the home embodied a similar architectural approach in its inclusion of cantilevered terraces, and abstracted organic references throughout. Wright placed the home as if it was emerging from one of the land’s rolling hills, thus earning the home its nickname Hillside, and making the connection between building and site even more evident. Like the Price Tower, a rich red color palette dominated the interior elements designed by Wright, including the dramatic wall divider. The Price family surrounded themselves with iconic designs of other modernist architects and furthered the connection to Wright and the southwest with the inclusion collection of pottery by noted Hope potters, Charles and Otellie Loloma.