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Holiday In Japan 'Souvenir Songs and Instrumental Music', Essential Worl Masters, 2012.

Xavier Cugat and His Orchestra 'The Best of Cugat', Mercury Records, USA, 1961.

Tom Jones 'What's New Pussycat?', Parrot, 1965.

Enoch Light Present 'Spaced Out', Project 3 Records, 1969.

The Blasters 'Sounds of The Drags', Crown Records, 1963.

Eddie Osborn 'Baldwin Organ and Bongos', Audio Fidelity Inc., Brazil, 1961.

Ferrante & Teicher 'Pianos In Paradise', United Artists Records, USA, 1962.

101 Strings Orchestra 'East of Suez', Alshire, USA, 1966.

The Sensational Guitars of Dan and Dale 'Batman and Robin', Tifton, USA, 1966.

Orchestra Del Oro 'The Pop Classics Go Latin', Somerest, USA, 1964.

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