Complete Lot Details

Various: 'Roger Corman's Devil's Angels(Original Motion Picture Sound Track Recording), Tower, USA, 1967.

Scramble 'The Sounds of Motorcycles at Speed', Riverside Records, US, c. 1968.

Various: 'The Wild Angels' (Music from the Soundtrack of the Motion Picture), Tower, USA, 1966.

Mike Curb:'The Wild Angels Vol II.' (More Music Composed For The Original Sound Track), Tower, USA, 1967.

Various: 'Easy Rider' (Music From The Soundtrack), Dunhill Records, USA, 1969.

Various: 'The Savage Seven' (Original Motion Pictre Sound Track), Atco Records, USA, 1968.

Various: 'The American Dreamer' (Original Sound Track), Mediarts, USA, 1971.

The Champs 'Go, Champs, Go!', Challenge Records, USA, 1957.

Various: 'Hollywood Rock N Roll', ERA Records, USA, 1977.

David Allan Coe 'Rides Again', Columbia, USA, 1977.