Signals London

"A forum for all those who believe passionately in the correlation of the arts"

Signals was a bulletin published in conjunction with the London gallery of the same name, which was founded by David Medalla and David Keeler in 1964. During its two years of existence, the gallery and the publication highlighted a global review of avant-garde and experimental artists, poets and academics. The gallery's spirit of internationalism was a rarity of the era and lent a limitless fluidity and curiosity to the publication and the gallery's exhibitions (which usually changed every few weeks). 

Artists that had an active role in Signals included Jean Tinguely, Eduardo Chillida, Lygia Clark, Li Yuan-chiaTakis, and Jesús Rafael Soto, among many others. Signals was radical in its rigorous examination of contemporary global art currents and making space for artists' individual voices while avoiding any missteps toward exoticism or framing artists into a traditional western cannon. This complete collection of all ten issues of Signals offers an urbane and animated overview of the fluxes of the mid-century international art scene, reflecting upon itself as it emerged.