This July, Wright presents Art + Design—a sale featuring a signature mix of modern furniture and contemporary art. Find a unique Polaroid by Andy Warhol, a collection of prints by Sister Mary Corita, and a selection of works by conceptual visionaries Bruce Conner and James Lee Byars offered alongside designs by Ettore Sottsass, Charlotte Perriand and Verner Panton and many more.

Shout for Joy: Works by Sister Mary Corita

Corita Kent was a revolutionary artist and teacher who elevated pop art beyond the scope of popular culture and used its language and aesthetics to engage with religion, community, politics and literature.

James Lee Byars: The Shock of a Letter

Nomadic artist James Lee Byars spent most of the late 1960s and 70s in Europe, splitting time between Germany, Belgium and Italy and France. On the occasion that he traveled to Los Angeles, he would stay with his dealer Eugenia Butler at their home on Rimpau Boulevard. Byers, who did not drive, relied on the Butler’s friend and neighbor, Tommy Longo to get him around the city. A friendship ensued, and the two kept in touch through letters, postcards, and the odd phone call. The resulting archive of correspondence offered here provides a rare glimpse into the mind and spirit of the artist.

Bruce Conner: Push to Full Volume

An exceptional collection of works and ephemera by Bruce Conner stands out within the sale. Acquired directly from the artist by Natasha Nicholson, an artist who was close with Bruce Conner from 1967 to 1972, the collection offers a glimpse into the closely-guarded interior and creative life of an artist of astonishing output and curiosity, who has often been referred to as a “cosmological artist,” concerned with the anxieties of existing as an individual, obligated to be part of the world.

Comprised of more than 50 lots, this rare offering features prints, assemblages, letters, correspondence and gallery ephemera as well as an early painting and, most notably, a 16mm print including nine of Conner’s most celebrated films.

Natasha Nicholson on Bruce Conner

"I haven't called very many people brilliant in my life, but he truly was. Everything he did, he could do any medium, anything and the passion that he brought to it was amazing."

Art + Design

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