Rufus Blunk

A Legacy of Nature and Art

Raised on the Inverness Ridge in Northern California, Rufus Blunk grew up within the embrace of the rich Redwood forests that surrounded his childhood home. Rufus’s father, artist and craftsman J.B. Blunk, started building the home by hand in the late 1950s as an outward expression of his artistic philosophy. Steeped in this creative ferment, Rufus developed a deep appreciation for nature early on and recalls exploring the texture, quality and even the smell of the woods that surrounded him. As a boy, Rufus learned the skills of the trade in his father’s workshop—how to work a chainsaw, chisel, rasp and sander—as well as how to instinctually navigate the grain and form of the wood. Today, Rufus is active out of Inverness, where he continues to draw upon his surroundings to craft unique hand-carved furniture designs and landscape features that merge art and nature into one.