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The massive redwood table by Rufus Blunk, son of the great JB Blunk, is just a flat out gorgeous piece of California craft. There’s even a position for a live planting in the middle.
There's a story behind every piece.
Dal Fabbro was from a family of craftsmen in Milan, trained as a sculptor, and then came to the US and played important behind the scenes roles in offices like Knoll and McCobb. He’s a really interesting crossover figure just reemerging, the pieces are incredible.
I love the Eames Storage Unit (ESU). The originals are super rare and I’ll always be an Eames fan. It’s something that feels really satisfying to acquire, it’s just such a good design.
Even though modern furniture is timeless, when people come in the store they feel like they’re going through a time warp.
Be endlessly fascinated by design...I’m fascinated by each and every object.