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A Celebration of the Life Work of Keith Haring (1959-1990) flyer. 8 July 1990 at The Gay and Lesbian Community Services Center, Los Angeles

Recent Work exhibition postcard. 3 December 1988 - 7 January 1989 at Tony Shafrazi Gallery, New York

Pop Shop sticker. 1985

Keith Haring Memorial Service program. 8 July 1990 at The Gay and Lesbian Community Services Center, Los Angles

Prints and Prose: A Collaboration of Art and Text by Keith Haring & William S. Burroughs exhibition flyer. 31 August - 28 September 1991 at the Murray Feldman Gallery at the Pacific Design Center, presented by Labor Day LA

Party of Life IV: A Celebration of Keith Haring flyer. 23 May 1991 at Shelter, New York

Keith Haring 1958-1990: A Memorial Tribute service program. 4 May 1990 at The Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine, New York

Keith Haring exhibition announcement. 3 December - 7 January 1989 at Tony Shafrazi Gallery, New York

Act Up for Life: A Benefit Dance Party flyer. 17 August 1989 at Sound Factory, New York

Untitled sketch of Keith Haring. Unknown Artist

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From the Collection of Swen Swenson

Swen Swenson was a classically trained dancer, best known for his work on Broadway and television. He also loved art, he had the world’s largest collection of carousel figures, and he bred and raised Yorkies for over forty years (the present lot is a portrait of one his cherished canines). But, above all, Swen was an activist, and although passionate about many causes, he was a relentless advocate in the fight against AIDS. Among his many philanthropic acts, he was known to spend his weekends on Santa Monica Boulevard raising money for the disease by letting people pet his “gay” dog, Fever, for one dollar.

Swen with Fever, 1991

Swen met Keith Haring in the 1980s and took the artist to his first ACT UP meeting in New York. The two maintained a close friendship until the artist’s death in 1990 and Swen continued to champion and support Haring until his own death from an AIDS-related illness in 1993. Bound by a commitment to fight the disease, the two shared a unique bond, illustrated in the loving correspondence and thoughtful letters he sent to Keith before his death. In one such note, Swen writes, “Dear Keith, There’s an awful lot of love from so many people surrounding you to help you pull through this. So, hang in there, Buddy!” The card is signed with love from Swen, Fever, and his two Yorkies, Stash and Popcorn.