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Six Illinois Painters 67/69: Arcilesi, Ito, Lanyon, Paschke, Rosofsky, Wirsum Illinois Arts Council Exhibit 2.

Karl Wirsum Drawings Lobby Gallery, Illinois Bell Telephone Company, 1969.

Toy Show Sacramento State Gallery flyer.

Candy Store exhibition flyer.

Karl Wirsum Edward Flood University of Milwaukee exhibition promotional piece, 1971.

Karl Wirsum: A Retrospective, September 16 to October 27, 1988 Arts Center Gallery, College of Dupage, 1988.

Cristina Ramberg: A Retrospective 1968-1988 The Renaissance Society at The University of Chicago promotional booklet, 1988.

Jim Nutt Phyllis Kind Gallery flyer, 1975.

From Chicago, January 15 - February 1982 The Pace Gallery exhibition flyer, 1982.

Keelover Madison Art Center, 1970. Envelope contains twelve 4 x 6 inch cards highlighting the process of building a boat by Wm. T Wiley in honor and dedication to a lost friend.

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