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ZERO Mack Piene Uecker, Kestner-Gesellschaft Hannover, 1965. 182 pages, Softcover.

Group Zero Otto Piene, Arno Worldwide, NY, 1964. Softcover.

Zero Otto Piene and Heinz Mack, The MIT Press, 1973. 331 pages, Hardcover with dustjacket.

Zero NY 1957-1966 Heinz Mack, Mer Paper Kunsthalle, 2008. 316 pages, Hardcover with dustjacket.

Art Povera Germano Celant, Gabriele Mazzotta, Milan, 1969. 238 pages, Hardcover with dustjacket.

Zero to Infinity: Arte Povera 1962-1972 Kathy Halbreich, Tate, 1972. 367 pages, Hardcover.

Arte Povera: Antiform Sculptures 1966-1969 Germano Celant, CAPC, 1982. 62 pages, Softcover with dustjacket.

Nul 1960-1965 Ulrich Bauer, Cantz, 1965. 152 pages, Softcover.

Zero Italien Manfred Gentz, 1960. 215 pages, Softcover.

Zero Renate Damsch-Wiehager, Cantz, 1997. 262 pages, Softcover with dustjacket.

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