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Willy Kessels Francois Gonzelez and Pool Andries, Trans Photographic Press, 1998. 76 pages, Softcover.

Die Truglosen Bilder-Rene Magritte-Bioskop und Photographie Louis Scutenaire, Buchhandlung Walther Konig, Koln/Edition Lebeer Hossmann, Brussel, 1976. 95 pages, Softcover.

A Hundred Years of Photography 1839-1939 Lucia Moholy, Penguin Books Limited, 1939. 182 pages, Softcover.

Photomontage Dawn Ades, Thames and Hudson, 1976. 176 pages, Softcover.

Alexander Rodchenko Serge Lemoine, Pantheon Photo Library, 1987. 136 pages, Softcover.

Fotodinamismo Futurista Anton Guilio Bragaglia, Giulinalato Editore / Nalato Editore, 1970. 224 pages, Softcover.

Florence Henri: aspetti di un percorso 1910-1940 Giuseppe di Marcenaro, Sagep Editrice Genova, 1979. 112 pages, Softcover.

Karel Teige, Torst, 2001. 167 pages, Softcover.

Photographie Futuriste Giovanni Lista, Fondation Kodak-Pathe, 1981. 154 pages, Softcover with dustjacket.

Willy Ronis Giovanni Rizzoni, Gruppo Editorale Fabbri, 1983. 63 pages, Softcover.

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