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Totems Not Taboo: An Exhibition of Primitive Art Ralph C. Altman, The Contemporary Art Museum, Houston, 1959. Softcover.

African Tribal Sculpture Margaret Plass, The University Museum Philadelphia, 1956. 121 pages, Softcover.

Sculpture Senoufo B. Holas, Centre des Sciences Humaines, 1969. 31 pages, Softcover.

The Language of African Art Warren Robbins, Smithsonian Institution, 1970. 20 pages, Softcover.

Laa Nervie: L'Art Negre, IX-X Gaston-Denys Perier, Mensuelle D'Arts et de Lettres, 1926. 36 pages, Softcover.

African Art: Property of a French Private Collector, Parke-Bernet Galleries, Inc., 1965. 57 pages, Softcover.

The Sculpture of Negro Africa Donald Brewer and Dr. Paul S. Wingert, Art Center in La Jolla, 1960. Softcover.

Handbook of Western African Art William R. Bascom and Paul Gebauer, The Bruce Publishing Company, 1953. 83 pages, Softcover.

The Mask J. Wilms and F. Tijsmans, Uitgeverij Ontwikkeling Antwerpen, 1956. 72 pages, Softcover.

African Art in Washington Collections Warren M. Robbins, Museum of African Art, Washington D.C., 1972. 60 pages, Softcover.

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