Versteeg's work uses chance, choice, distortion and algorithmic systems to contend with how we collectively live in digital realms. Nearly Half, Undecided, Balanced, Perfect, Dead depicts the red-versus-blue state map of the United States and is a program driven by a random-number generator that causes the colors to quickly change back-and-forth. Wearing the 3D glasses heightens (and makes a deflating joke of) the dizzying effect of the confounding and frustrating electoral processes that we all know and have come to expect in contemporary American politics.

To me, a contemporary art conversation is deeply tied to that of human experience and thus of our continued transformation via technologies to which we assimilate....all or 100% chance would equal chaos and/or nothingness, so I contend as does every artist with the will to gesture versus the circumstances that aim to deny form and existence.

Siebren Versteeg