Modernizing Fulbright Industries

Edward Durrell Stone Designs

Edward Durrell Stone incorporated refashioned wagon wheel and plow handles into h is designs for Fulbright Furniture. Image: Life magazine via Esoteric Survey

Edward Durrell Stone was hired to design a line of furniture by the Fulbright family (U.S. Senator J. William Fulbright and Stone were lifelong friends). The family was looking to transition from wagon making into furniture and Stone created a line composed of chairs, tables and stools, some of which spoke to the company’s history through the use of refashioned wheel parts and plow handles. Stone’s line also utilized basket-weaving techniques with seating made of tightly woven split-oak. Edward Durrell Stone’s line for Fulbright was highly acclaimed upon its introduction but ultimately not well-received in the market and few were produced.

The present lot is one of thirteen pieces acquired in the 1950s directly from Fulbright Furniture. These works have remained in the family collection, passed down through the generations until now. 

J. William Fulbright and Edward Durrell Stone. Image: Life magazine via Esoteric Survey