5 Things to Know About John Henry

1. John Henry is the son of a construction engineer. 

2. He is internationally recognized for his large-scale public works of art which can be found in many important museum, corporate, public and private collections across the globe. 

Pittsburgh (aka “The French Fry sculpture”), 1977 located in Frank Curto Park, Polish Hill

3. Henry was a founding member—alongside Mark di Suervo, Charles Ginniver, Kenneth Snelson, and Lyman Kipp—of the artist-owned gallery, ConStruct. 

4. A major supporter of the arts, he actively coordinates, advises and curates large-scale public exhibitions across the country. 

5. He and his wife, Pamela Henry founded the Sculpture Fields at Montague Park in Chattanooga, Tennessee which opened to the public in 2016.

Most schools talk about how great the ideas are, but an idea is not worth a damn if you can’t make it happen....Ideas are a dime a dozen. Things that get built are something different.

John Henry