Timeless Design

Prototype Wristwatches by Raymond Loewy

Known by the press as The Man Who Shaped America, Raymond Loewy understood how people lived with design like no other. Over his vast career, Loewy worked with industry giants and created some of the most iconic designs for American companies such as Shell, Exxon, TWA, BP, Greyhound, Coca-Cola, Studebaker, Air Force One, International Harvester, NASA and of course Lucky Strike, only to name a few. His mastery in style and attention to detail is shown in his designs for Elgin National Watch Company, the popular but now defunct watch company from Illinois. Although never produced, his prototype watch designs for the company feature hand-painted dials and showcase his forward thinking for the time. It is evident that the designer loved these unique watch designs as he was known to wear the prototypes himself.