Shaping Stoneware: The Ceramic Forms of Claude Conover
by Glenn Adamson
Revolution or resolution? In modern ceramics, the former gets most of the acclaim. The disciplinary rupture brought about in the 1950s by Peter Voulkos in California, and by comparable figures in other parts of the world, was a paradigm shift, to be sure.¹ But it wasn’t all that was happening. There were other, equally vital currents flowing through ceramics at midcentury, less explicitly avant-garde, but equally rooted in modernism...

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I do not believe the artist should try to make a profound statement or explain his work. The object must speak for itself. Claude Conover
I think of it in terms of mass and volume instead of looking at it symmetrically like a potter does. I never studied pottery so I didn’t start out confused. Claude Conover
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