The Jewelry of Jiro Kamata

Jiro Kamata engages his jewelry collectors in a game of self-reflection. He utilizes highly developed jewelry making techniques paired with non-traditional materials, like camera and eyeglass lenses, to create jewelry that provides an optic experience. The pieces using these lenses interact with both the viewer and the wearer who see their reflection, color and light and have an “experienced memory.” Kamata commits the wearer to become the performance artist linking them to their environment.

Kamata is inspired by both his world travels and a curiosity for found objects. His creative process is driven by the materials he collects, which he seeks to elevate from seemingly common objects to wearable art.

Kamata originates from a family of Japanese goldsmiths, yet he has charted his own path with his unique jewelry that has been exhibited in over 20 countries. He was trained at the Academy of Fine Art in Munich, Germany where he subsequently became Artistic Assistant in the department of jewelry.