A Small Gift

A Lagniappe is a small gift, or something given or obtained gratuitously or by way of good measure. One does feel fortunate looking at Lynda Benglis’ Lagniappe series. Bright, beautiful, and totemic in nature, these works recall a variety of forms; from ancient Stargazer figures, to Mardi Gras decorations, and certainly, the female anatomy. Created in a series of twenty-six works, the combinations of cast paper, decoration and flounces make each one a unique and singular celebration of femininity.

Benglis with another work from the series, Lagniappe I

We’re inherently attracted to shiny, sparkly things. Our eyes are honed by millennia of evolution to see them. But as we become increasingly socialized, we’re taught to limit our appreciation for glitter. I grew up with sparkly things, like my dance baton and my bright pink girl’s dance costume, and I loved those things. I still do. Why should what we’re naturally drawn to be conditioned out of us?

Lynda Benglis