East Meets West

Piaget's Mythical Journey

Launched in 2013, A Mythical Journey by Piaget consisted of thirty-two exceptionally gorgeous and well-crafted watch models decorated with micromosaic, embroidery, enamel and bulino engraving. The collection was inspired by the Silk and Spice Routes in China and India with the aim of transporting wearers to a different time and place using a combination of exquisite craftsmanship and only the finest materials. The present lot is one of only eight made and employs the bulino technique to depict an elephant.

Bulino is a method in which lines and dots are painstakingly engraved by hand to create a photorealistic image. This technique originated in Italy and is primarily used to engrave metal, specifically guns or currency printing plates. The term bulino comes from the Italian word ‘burin’ which is a knob-like tool used to engrave metal. Piaget first introduced this dial technique in 2013 and has gone from strength to strength in creating a ‘life-like’ dial that shows immense depth and detail.