Wright is pleased to present 20|21 Art: The Chicago Edition, featuring works across a variety of mediums and movements of the 20th and 21st centuries, from the Philadelphia Wireman to Andy Warhol. Discover a stunning photorealist painting from Alan Magee, as well as paintings, photographic prints, and mixed-media works from Josef AlbersAaron Garber-Maikovska, Winston Roeth, Miriam SchapiroVivian SpringfordFrank Thiel, and more. With an exciting range of works and price points, this auction has something for every type of collector. 

Alan Magee  Rotations  $30,000–50,000  

Aaron Garber-Maikovska  Untitled  $12,000–18,000  

Miriam Shapiro  A Mandarin Heart  $4,000–6,000  

LOS CARPINTEROS, Free Basketball – The Same | wright20.com

Los Carpinteros

Free Basketball – The Same

estimate: $8,000–12,000

MICHELLE GRABNER, Untitled | wright20.com

Michelle Grabner


estimate: $2,000–3,000

JOE BRAINARD AND FRANK O'HARA, Untitled | wright20.com

Joe Brainard and Frank O'Hara


estimate: $1,500–2,000

VIVIAN SPRINGFORD, Untitled | wright20.com

Vivian Springford


estimate: $8,000–12,000

BARRY MCGEE, Untitled | wright20.com

Barry McGee


estimate: $3,000–5,000

FRANK THIEL, Stadt 12/05 (Berlin) | wright20.com

Frank Thiel

Stadt 12/05 (Berlin)

estimate: $10,000–15,000

PHILADELPHIA WIREMAN, Untitled (Copper Wire Drawing) | wright20.com

Philadelphia Wireman

Untitled (Copper Wire Drawing)

estimate: $2,000–3,000

ABE AJAY, Construction #1185 | wright20.com

Abe Ajay

Construction #1185

estimate: $2,000–3,000

Hans Hofmann  Untitled  $6,000–8,000  

20|21 Art: The Chicago Edition

Preview / Chicago
5 – 13 October 2022
10 am – 4 pm Monday – Friday

Auction / Chicago
13 October 2022
11 am central

Additional Information
312 563 0020

Andy Warhol  Piglet (Wild Raspberries)  $6,000–8,000  

Ken Price  Untitled (Vase)  $7,000–9,000