This magnificent photograph of the Agena Target Docking Vehicle floating in space over the Earth was taken by Buzz Aldrin through the 80mm lens of the Maurer space camera about 50 feet away from the Gemini capsule, as both spacecraft were station-keeping before docking. The American flag is very clearly visible.

​From the mission transcript when the photograph was taken:

004:08:26 Lovell:

At 25 feet.

04:08:28 Lovell:

That’s pretty good. Hey, take some stills, Buzz. Stills are the thing. These movies don’t come out at all. Just keep taking shots.

04:08:38 Lovell:

Movies aren’t worth a darn. That’s a beautiful shot right there, 25 feet. That’s f:11, 1/250th.

04:08:43 Aldrin:

Right on it.

004:08:47 Capcom
(Mission Control):

Gemini XII, CSQ (Coastal Senstry Quebec).

004:08:49 Lovell:

Roger, CSQ. Gemini XII here.

004:08:5S Capcom:

Roger. How are you doing up there?

004:08:55 Lovell:

Oh we’re taking pictures of the beautiful Agena here. Everything’s okay. [...]

004:09:52 Capcom:

We’re giving you a GO for Docking.