The Gulf of California area as seen from the Gemini XII spacecraft during its 30th revolution of Earth. Baja California Sur is the peninsula on the right. At lower left is the mainland of Mexico. A 100-foot tether line connects the Agena Target Docking Vehicle with the Gemini XII spacecraft. [NASA caption]

This superb photograph was taken looking south with the Hasselblad SuperWide camera and its 38mm lens.

From the mission transcript when the photograph was taken:

047:42:01 Lovell:

We’re in perfect shape. It’s just beautiful and just perpendicular. If we only had a control system, I’m sure we could do this much better than even in the simulator.

047:42:12 Capcom (Mission Control):

Yes. We’re showing you’re hanging in pretty good in pitch and yaw. [...]

047:42:45 Capcom:

Okay. What we’d like to have you do, if you’re willing, is Just to let the roll go and see if it will damp out after a while here. [...]

047:43:11 Lovell:

As long as that tether doesn’t wrap around us, we’ll do it.

047:43:16 Capcom:


047:43:18 Capcom:

Flight doesn’t really think you’ll damp out in roll.

047:43:24 Aldrin:

Well, we’ve stayed well above him now for quite a while. We’re out in front of him just a little bit.