This high resolution Lunar Orbiter IV photograph was taken with the 610mm telephoto lens from an altitude of about 2871 km showing an area in the northwestern Ocean of Storms near the 103-km Crater Russell (bottom of picture), located at latitude / longitude: 26.5° N 75.4° W.  

Russell is the lava-flooded remains of a lunar impact crater, close to the western lunar limb. As a result, it appears oblong-shaped from Earth due to foreshortening. The rim of Russell is heavily worn and irregular in form, with multiple crater impacts overlying the wall. The largest of these is Briggs A on the eastern rim. To the north of Russell are the flooded remnants of several smaller craters. Russell's lava-flooded floor is flat and level with the surrounding mare of the Ocean of Storms.

The objective of Lunar Orbiter IV and V was to provide an expanded photographic survey of the lunar surface, offering far higher resolution imagery than was available from ground based telescopes. The two last orbiters brought the cumulative photographic coverage by the five Lunar Orbiter craft to 99% of the Moon‘s surface.