This wonderful photograph was taken through the 80mm lens looking west near the lunar terminator (boundary between day and night on the Moon) across landing site 3 located on Central Bay (one of five proposed Apollo landing sites together with landing site 2 in the Sea of Tranquility which was eventually chosen for the first lunar landing following the direct observations from Apollo 10).

Time, 6 June 1969, ppg. 64-65

Topographic features on the surface of Central Bay are accentuated by the low Sun angle and undulations occurring in an apparently smooth mare area are emphasized. The small 6.7-km crater Bruce lies in the middle of the mare surface (bottom of picture). Landing Site 3 is in the middle distance at the left margin of the pronounced ridge in the top half of the photograph (Latitude / longitude: 1.1° N / 4.3° E and 1.4° N / 1° E).

This sequence ended the orbital lunar photography of the mission and the astronauts prepared for the TransEarth injection burn over the lunar farside.

“The spacecraft remained in the vicinity of the Moon much longer than did the Apollo 8 spacecraft. This allowed more time for observations and extended coverage of a previously unphotographed segment of the Moon as the sunrise terminator moved from the vicinity of Apollo landing site 2 to the vicinity of Apollo landing site 3.”

—Apollo 10 crew observations (NASA SP-232, pg. 1)