As the crew was orbiting Earth’s nightside, Collins missed the opportunity to capture a photo of the limb of the Earth at sunrise, as he couldn’t find the Hasselblad camera floating in the cabin’s zero g.

But he took this “unreal” photograph (see mission transcript) looking east towards the sun of reflections of the morning sun over the cloud-speckled Earth above the Pacific Ocean showing a “beautiful low pressure cell” near the horizon..

From the mission transcript when the photograph was taken:

001:18:04 Collins:

Stand by for sunrise. [...]

001:19:57 Collins:

Jesus Christ, look at that horizon!

001:19:59 Armstrong:

Isn’t that something?

001:20:00 Collins:

God damn, that’s pretty! This is unreal. I’d forgotten.

001:20:08 Armstrong:

Get a picture of that.

001:20:10 Collins:

Ooh, sure, I will. I’ve lost a Hasselblad. Has anybody seen a Hasselblad floating by? It couldn’t have gone very far, big son of a gun like that. [...]

001:22:13 Collins:

I looked... I’ve looked everywhere over here for that Hasselblad, and I just don’t see it.

001:22:24 Armstrong:

It’s too late for sunrise, anyway. [...]

001:22:28 Aldrin:

But you want to get it before TLI. [Translunar Injection.]

001:22:30 Collins:

...I know it. That’s what I’m worried about. [...]

001:23:24 Collins:

Ah! Here it is (the Hasselblad). [...]

001:24:17 Collins:

I got a little horizon. Man, look at that! [...]

001:24:51 Collins:

Fantastic. I have no conception of where we’re pointed or which way we are or a crapping thing, but it’s a beautiful low pressure cell out here.

001:25:10 Aldrin:

Yes, go ahead and take a picture.