Buzz Aldrin captured these extremely rare unpublished first photographs from Apollo 11 in lunar orbit with the Hasselblad 500EL equipped with both the 80mm lens and 250mm telephoto lens and color magazine 36/N.

The first photograph, shot with an 80-mm lens, shows the 76-km wide and 3.8-km deep Crater King and its surrounding highland area on the lunar far-side.

One of the sharpest features of King Crater, the rim, rises an average of 1.7 km above its surroundings. (NASA SP-315, pg. 29.62)

The rim crest is roughly circular but with a slightly irregular appearance. The crater displays little appearance of wear. The inner walls are terraced with a somewhat uneven interior floor. The elongated, Y-shaped central rise is part of a ridge that runs to the southern rim to the left.

5.5°N, 120.5°E

The second photograph, shot with a 250-mm lens, shows the small craters north of Crater Buisson on the lunar far-side.

1°S, 114°E

From the mission transcript during the first orbit of Apollo 11 over the “Dark Side” of the Moon:

076:05:05 Collins (onboard):

Look at those craters in a row. You see them right - going right out there?

076:05:07 Armstrong (onboard):


076:05:08 Collins (onboard):

Look at that line of them.

076:05:10 Armstrong (onboard):


076:05:13 Aldrin (onboard):


076:05:15 Collins (onboard):

Something really peppered that one. There's a lot less variation in color than I would have thought, you know, looking down?

076:05:26 Aldrin (onboard):

Yes, but when you look down, you say it's brownish color?

076:05:29 Collins (onboard):


076:05:45 Public Affairs officer (Mission Control):

We're past the no-burn acquisition time now and we have received no signal.

076:05:32 Aldrin (onboard):

Oh, golly, let me have that camera back. There's a huge, magnificent crater over here. I wish we had the other lens on, but God, that's a big beauty. You want to look at that guy, Neil?

076:05:43 Armstrong (onboard):

Yes, I see him.

076:05:45 Aldrin (onboard):

He's coming your way.

076:05:48 Armstrong (onboard):

That dark spot.

076:05:50 Aldrin (onboard):

Oh, let me - here, let me...

076:05:53 Collins (onboard):

Well, there's no doubt that this is a little smaller than the Earth...

076:05:57 Aldrin (onboard):

Look at that one.

076:05:58 Collins (onboard):

...would you look at that curvature?

076:06:01 Aldrin (onboard):

Where is that dark spot?

076:06:02 Armstrong (onboard):

The dark spot's right up here. You want to get the other lens on?

076:06:06 Aldrin (onboard):


076:06:07 Collins (onboard):

Don't you want to get the Earth coming up? It's going to be 9 minutes.

076:06:11 Aldrin (onboard):

Yes, let's take some pictures here, first.