These extremely rare photographs were taken through the 250mm telephoto lens and with B&W magazine 42/U as the spacecraft approached the near side of the Moon (eastern limb of the Moon as seen from Earth) following its third pass over the backside of the Moon. They were not released by NASA after the mission.

The first photograph shows the 14-km Crater Saenger Q on the “”Dark Side” of the Moon:

Latitude / Longitude: 3.5° N / 101.5° E

The second photograph shows a small fresh rayed crater on the northern shore of Smyth’s Sea on the nearside of the Moon:

Latitude / Longitude: 3.89° N, 89.05° E

From the mission transcript as the spacecraft approached the nearside of the Moon on orbit 3:

080:33:04 Aldrin (onboard):

I think it's beautiful. Just fabulous. Not really sure what you're looking at - but there's some mighty big fresh rocks down in that crater.

Public Affairs Officer (Mission Control):

Mark. 10 seconds from predicted time of acquisition.

080:33:37 Aldrin (onboard):

The walls actually look pock-marked. Sure enough, and they're not filled in. Pock-marked, and it looks like somebody's painted white paint vertically down the edges and then it's been eaten away.